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chapter 2. lemon jade

This Danny thought was just degrading. And the fruitloop wasn't helping any, sitting there nearly laughing in his chair. Oh you are wondering what's happening?

Let's just say that Lizzy went shopping and its lunch time. Yeah Danny was so to say force-feed, or at least that was what Lizzy was trying to do. Lizzy looks utterly ridiculous, making those faces, trying to make Danny eat the baby food. Danny fast got annoyed by her ridiculous behavior and decided to eat the food only to spit out the pees at Vlad. How he did that, both the adults didn't know. But one thing is for sure, if Danny had to be humiliated in front of Vlad he was not holding back. Hence Vlad turned in to today's target practice.

I would say that Vlad was red with anger, but with the green pees all over he looked like some messed up Christmas décor.

Vlad had to excuse himself to change after that. But he slipped on the wet carpet in the hall. And "Oh butter biscuits!" were heard all over the hall, while a childish giggling came from the mayor's office.

After Danny's laughing fit, he took a look over what Lizzy had brought. Some toy cars, some crayons, some building bricks, a toy sword and a teddy bear. As you well know this has potential to cause disaster and what else would you do for your archenemy?

So Danny started on his plan when Lizzy when to get something or another. The Toy cars went on the floor hidden by Vlad's desk, Building bricks on the chair under the thin cushion.

With glee he drew doodles all over Vlad's important files; he knocked down all of the things he could find, like vases with his sword. It was hard for him to do all this crawling, but he was sure it would be worth it.

He looked at the teddy bear, well there was nothing much to do with it, but he knew one way he could use it to his advantage.

The poor guy from the coffee incident arrived at Vlad's office; he looked in horror at the state of the room. He thought all that's missing is the curtains on fire and an insanely grinning toddler, oh wait there on the carpet sat a toddler grinning in all his adorableness, while squashing the life out of a teddy bear.

Vlad hurried back to his office and yelled in rage at the room, the poor guy was trying to clean. "Oh-oh" Danny said.

Lizzy stormed in after Vlad roared like a wild animal. Danny just giggled keeping a pretense of ignorant child clapping happily saying: Roar, leeon!" this time misspelling lion on purpose.

By this time the poor guy had managed to sneak of due to Danny's antics. And for that Danny was glad, not wanting his prank to be taken out on the poor dude.

Vlad walked at an angry pace to his desk missing the toy cars on the floor, and then to his misfortune slide on a few and falling face first at the floor.

Danny claps while yelling: "V-Man go booooooooooooom!". Lizzy shakes her head in amusement at the kid's antics. But helps Vlad to his chair, not knowing that that was where the bricks went. Leading us to this moment when a hurting Vlad jumps right up again, because of the sharp edges of the blocks, on his chair. Just to say Vlad wasn't pleased by his predicament, but he still had more to come.

He looked at his documents full of scribbles and drawings. Some in particular was just as annoying to Vlad as it was funny to Danny.

There was one that had a bit of badly written text next to it stating that it was: Uncky-V, looking like Vlad with a pig nose and there was another one of Vlad in his ghost form that got smacked in the head, by the Fenton creep stick held by Jack.

One of Vlad as a fruitloop, and one of Danny's ghost form sticking bananas in to Vlad's ghost form's ears. Lizzy took a look at them and laughs and said: "he is quite the artist isn't he?"

To say the least, Vladdy wasn't that amused.

"He destroyed my work." Vlad said in a flat tone.

"He is just a child he doesn't know any better." Lizzy said in a matter of fact tone, while waving her hand in a dismissing motion.

Danny barely holds his oblivious mask in place; in all honesty he just wanted to lay down on the floor laughing.

Lizzy decided that Vlad was going to need some alone time to get out of frowny town, so she put Danny on her hip and walks down to the break room.

Danny soon learned that the guy that always ended up at the wrong places at the wrong time was named Christopher, but Lizzy just called him Chrizzy. Oh how original you might think

Danny might as well call vlad for vladzzy if everyone was going to insist to be called something that rhymed with izzy.

Vladszzy, Danny giggled now that was a funny thought.

He took to asking Lizzy: "Vladzzy were?" while he was looking around. Elizabeth and Christopher had to laugh at their bosses new nick name.

After some time Danny's tiny body couldn't take all of the excitement of the day and he fell asleep.

Lizzy had given him back to Vlad after a while and Vlad stood there staring at Young Daniel asleep.

He was contemplating waking Daniel up just to spite him but, Daniel's adorableness apparently won that argument. Vlad begrudgingly told himself that Danny would cause less trouble asleep then awake. And with a sigh Vlad left his office and went in to the limo with a sleeping toddler in his arms.

A/N yeah I did that when I was a kid, none of my parents know how I did manage to find all the pees like that, but I could always find them and spit them out. Just to say I could be worse if they gave me fish, all of it literally went all in their face; my dad learned that the hard way. Oh what do you think will happen next and what do you want to see them do? You know if I owned Danny, phantom planet would never have happened.
i do not own DP!
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